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ASEAN ARCHITECT Title:"Preparation for 2015"

ASEAN ARCHITECT Title:"Preparation for 2015"
ASA seminar time: 
Thu, 2013-05-02 13:30
ASA seminar speaker: 
Malaysia:Ar. Saifuddin Ahmad President PAM
Philippines:Ar. Yolanda D. Reyes Past President UAP
Singapore: Ar. Theodore EC Chan President, Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA)
Thailand:Ar. Duangrit Bunnag Board Member Architect Council of Thailand and Chairman of Subcommittee Foreign Relations
Moderator Ar. Nitis Sthapitanonda
ASA seminar room: 
Jupiter 8-10

The Seminar on ASEAN Architects Forum, “Preparation for 2015” will discuss and highlight the preparation of four countries, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. An in-depth discussion will follow the presentation from each countries representative.